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Fixing dataset configuration

Chris, Chris, all:

The way it is now:  sets of database configuration parameters are stored 
with each *user*.  This means that in order to add a new user, you have to 
know the database name, port, password and other connection information or 
the user add just fails.  And the "dataset" name is pretty much useless 
since a dataset is not reusable between users, and a user cannot access 
more than one dataset/database.

The way it should be:  datasets should be a seperate configuration screen, 
and a separate table, in the admin interface.  The admin should just 
choose a dataset, or *multiple* datasets, for a new/modified user, and all 
connection information should inherit from the dataset.

Of course, maybe this should be part of proper role/group management in the 
future, but it's a step forwards even if we just fix datasets.

... when you get around to it.  Thanks.


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco