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Re: Quantity calculation

Based on my experience with SL...

Don't delete invoice. Do reverse invoice instead and you should be back to
square one (6 each parts).

Also, do not re-save Sales Order for which you have quantities in the ship
column. To copy new Sales Order clear the ship column and use the post as
new. You can leave the ship column blank if the entire sals order is being
invoiced. However, if you use the ship column, and you are invoicing a
partial order, a new sales order will be created with the remaining unship
items and the old one will be closed. Remember Sales order does not deduct
from the inventory until it is an invoice.

I don't believe the logics are all there yet. Good Luck! Tim

> Coming back to a theme:
> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=36879425
> This is another issue at this example - q. Verify
> how many parts we have after purchasing 1 unit of part six times and
> selling 1 unit of part four times - should be 2 units. Delete last sales
> invoice and verify quantity again - we have 3 units. Now clear "Ship"
> field entry in corresponding sales order ant repost this order
> (аttention - order, not invoice). Verify quantity again - now we have 4
> units. I think this is incorrect, because we purchase 6 units and sell
> 3 units, so will have only 3 units.
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