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Re: users/members.LCK : Permission denied

On 21-Sep-2006, at 09:21 :14, Philippe Schelté wrote:

You're using a 7.x version of PostgreSQL.  It looks like the upgrade
script only supports PostgreSQL 8.x.  A quick note on backporting the
script Pg-upgrade-2.6.17-2.6.18.sql: change the 'ALTER TABLE foo
ALTER COLUMN bar TYPE numeric' lines into a sequence of lines
renaming the float column, adding a numeric column, updating its
values, and dropping the float column.  You'll also have to remove

even the testing debian doesn't provide the 8.X version of Postgresql :(
there is a ton of ALTER COLUMN to do...

From my quick check of packages.debian.org, both testing and unstable have PostgreSQL 8.1. Debian used to contain 8.0, but dropped it.

I'll be on IRC later, if you want help.

#ledger-smb ?


Seneca Cunningham