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[ledgersmb-devel] I have been held up when I discovered the lack of Docker in OpenBSD
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[ledgersmb-devel] I have been held up when I discovered the lack of Docker in OpenBSD

I've kinda disappeared for awhile because OpenBSD does not support Docker.
Just as I was ready to get started, I ran into that problem right away.
I have meant to send an email about that, but I was rather frustrated with
the problem.

I also intended to help with the Spanish translations. And didn't.
The good news on that, I did find a Spanish/English dictionary specifically
for business terms only.
That's not a book I expected to find, much less expect to exist.

As far as OpenBSD, I need to do lot of work on that.
Could someone recommend a Linux distribution that works well that I can
install and look at as an example as I work?

What is the situation with browsers? I use mostly Firefox, but I'm
finding more and more sites that really run off of only Chromium

Where are the right repositories located for development at?
OpenBSD is running PostgreSQL 10.5 (or later when -current is released
soon). Any issues with that or later versions of PostgreSQL?

I discovered that some work was started on Docker by someone else quite a
while back, but has not been worked on any further.
I'm a little bit unclear on exactly what Docker is doing and not doing.
I will spend some time looking into that.
What is it doing in particular for LedgerSMB and just for this project
only, can some kind of temporary workaround be used?

Can I go ahead and port all of the missing modules and pass/fail the
existing tests until something can be done about the Docker problem?
OpenBSD has recently done a lot of work to make porting much easier to do.

I do see that a lot of projects are using Docker, so it may be worth the
effort to get it working in OpenBSD. People are using it with an Alpine
Linux vmm from OpenBSD, but I have no experience in that.

Chris Bennett

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