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[ledgersmb-devel] LedgerSMB packages in Debian
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[ledgersmb-devel] LedgerSMB packages in Debian

Note that due to illness; although I updated our 'ledgersmb-1.6' pkg
for v1.6.10 I haven't yet updated the 'ledgersmb' pkg for that version
so what's in Debian Testing is still only v1.6.9. And since the hard
freeze in preparation for the Debian release of Buster as the new
stable has gone active, there is no more auto migration to Testing for
updated packages in Debian unstable until after the new version has
been released.

Besides still waiting for the last 3 debconf translations so that the
pkg can be updated with them, I've also been thinking about a major
change in the package; that being changing it so that it uses the dojo
distributed in the LedgerSMB archive instead of that in Debian like is
already being done with our 'ledgersmb-1.6' package, on the basis that
the version in Debian is not the same as that actually being used by
the app itself.

There's not that much of a dojo related version difference with what
LedgerSMB 1.6 uses (Debian testing has v1.14.2) but that's not the
case for LSMB 1.7 so it's something I need to look at in any case.

A ledgersmb package with major changes could always be uploaded to
Debian Experimental (& our package repos, of course), so that's what
I'll be looking at doing if necessary.

Related to that is still getting the autopkgtest functionality done
for the package. That (which does 'as installed' testing) is useful I
think in any case but in particular having to do related to the
different dojo versions. But that is based on my thinking that the JS
code is actually being at least somewhat exercised in the 't/' and or
'xt/' testing, which I was wondering about due to something one the
other devs said/ but which I've been assured that the JS code is being
exercised in the bdd tests in xt/.  So I figure to work on getting the
t/ tests working for the autopkgtest to start off with and continue
from there to the xt/ tests.

Any comments/questions/etc, please let know.

Robert J. Clay
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