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Re: [ledgersmb-devel] I now have a server for forums.ledgersmb.org
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Re: [ledgersmb-devel] I now have a server for forums.ledgersmb.org

I have to agree with you. I should now step back and let the forums come
under different management.
OpenBSD is going to drop mod_perl 2 due to a change in compilers from

I am going to need to rewrite all of my software due to this change, so
I plan moving away from Apache completely.

There is some mysterious bug in the forum software and the author has
stopped development.

The problems have indeed made things look bad.

I would like to see about spending my time on bringing OpenBSD into
working again. I'm going to send a second message about that after I ask
about some stuff on the OpenBSD ports mailing list.

OpenBSD has a new security measure called pledge that restricts software
from doing anything at all except what access to resources it properly
needs only or it will crash.
If this can be made to work with LedgerSMB (don't know yet), it might
make a very good selling point to possible users who highly value

I will get back to everyone shortly,
Chris Bennett

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