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[ledgersmb-devel] I now have a server for forums.ledgersmb.org
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[ledgersmb-devel] I now have a server for forums.ledgersmb.org

It took more than one try, but I now have one.
If the address can be pointed to:
including the MX too.
That's a single IP, so I can add https later

I finally got all the files that I was able to salvage
from all over. Nothing lost but some of the conf's for
Apache 2.4 and possibly some little change in some
program file. I just need to do the server conf's again.
Not the whole set, just the base conf's. I have
everything else, which was a huge relief to not have
lost a ton of work.

If someone could respond to me at
just so that I know message got to the mailing list.

Sorry for the delays with this. Just had one problem
after the next and I didn't catch that my server was
removed by the company until too late (others had the
same problem too).

Chris Bennett

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