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[ledgersmb-devel] Excluding dotted files & directories in the release archive?
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[ledgersmb-devel] Excluding dotted files & directories in the release archive?


Today I was looking at GitHub's option to add PR and Issue templates.

Now that we have cleaned up our top-level directory, I'd rather *not* pollute it again with a largish series of documents that one of the cloud providers "requires".

To that extent, GitHub offers the option to put the required documents in a ".github/" directory in the project's root.

In the distribution archive, these documents wouldn't serve a purpose: the issue and PR templates only add value in the github site. The CONTRIBUTING and CODE_OF_CONDUCT files would be nothing more than pointers to our ledgersmb.org site where we publish our actual policies to that extent.

I'm thinking we can remove all of the following in our release archives:

 - .github/ (when introduced)
 - .gitignore
 - .gitattributes
 - .gitmodules
 - .proverc
 - .travis.yml
 - .tx/

The .git/ directory already is being removed during the release process.

Or should we just simply leave them in the distribution tar, letting everybody decide for him/herself and packagers for their users?



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