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We're moving (mailing list closes): SourceForge hijacked project resources

Hi all,

Short version

We're terminating use of this mailing list per June 26 2017. Please subscribe to ..hidden.. by sending an e-mail to ..hidden.. with the word 'subscribe' in the subject.

Long version

Some weeks ago, SourceForge started sending out "re-subscription" requests to users on all SourceForge mailing lists, announcing they'll unsubscribe everybody who does not respond before June 26. At this time, it's not clear whether or not they sent re-subscription requests to all users or only to "SourceForge users" (https://sourceforge.net/p/forge/site-support/15160/#c3eb), which means many subscribers could be silently dropped. At the same time, they blocked administrator access to the mailing list membership interface. No heads-up or advance notification was sent to the list administrators that this would happen, effectively hijacking the membership information.

In response to the above, I have contacted SourceForge multiple times, kindly asking them to provide the project with the data they have taken from it. Unfortunately, their answer was (and remained) "No.".

We're aware that they take these steps as a result of their interpretation of privacy laws and unsolicited e-mail regulation. We strongly disagree with this interpretation, as every member of our mailing list has subscribed themselves at one point or another in the past *and* monthly mailing list membership reminders are being sent out.

To us (the members of the project's core team), it is not only this difference in interpretation but very much about the lack of notification before these changes are being made. The lack of notification means to us that SourceForge isn't the dependable, trustworthy partner that we (still) took them to be.

Over the last years, many projects left SourceForge in disappointment and/or anger due to various decisions taken by SourceForge, implemented with a lack of communication; e.g. because of adware being inserted into their downloads or other policies being put in place.

Our time to leave SourceForge has come today. With sadness, I must say that, for us too, SourceForge has proven to be an untrustworthy partner in Open Source. We will stop using the mailing lists and uploading releases. We'll close down the project as much as SourceForge will allow us.

We're closing down this mailing list. Please subscribe to ..hidden.. by sending a mail to ..hidden.. with the word 'subscribe' in the subject. Alternatively, you can subscribe through the web-interface hosted at https://lists.ledgersmb.org/.

The following resources  from here on (and might have before):

* Bugs: https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/issues
* Releases: https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/releases
* Mailing lists: https://lists.ledgersmb.org/
* Mailing list archives: http://archive.ledgersmb.org/
* Downloads: (attached to the releases on GitHub)
    with the old download archive hosted at https://download.ledgersmb.org/
    (note that as of this writing, we're in the process of adding that domain to the DNS)

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to you.

Thanks for your understanding,

Erik Hulsmann
on behalf of the LedgerSMB project core committee
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