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Proposed Help Panel


I'm soliciting comments on this.

I've been discussing adding a Help Panel for most if not all screens.

The current plan is to add this to all UI templates in setup.pl first.
That should allow us to work out any kinks in a limited environment before adding the same to the main application . 

I'm looking to implement this (in setup.pl) as a simple div that is below everything else on the page. (location will be handled differently for the main app)

Content will be loaded into the div from a base URI specified in ledgersmb.conf 
This will default to https://ledgersmb.org/help/1.5/
Each help file will contain markdown formatted text that will be rendered into html browser sidea using
The library supports the full markdown spec including github flavour  (which would be our preferred flavour)

The actual help files will be maintained within the source tree and should exist on a local install.
This will allow preventing access of offsite  files if desired. Albeit  at the expense of using out of date help files.

Using the same library we do have the option of preprocessing the source markdown files and serving the result as html directly.
This requires extra complexity during the build and release stages, hence my preference for using the JS lib and rendering in browser . 

David Godfrey 

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