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Debian pkg for PGObject::Util::DBAdmin


   I was working the Debian packaging for the PGObject::Util::DBAdmin today.  I was able to update the packaging to v0.09 (which, btw, does not appear to be push to github repo for the module) but found some issues:

  - Incorrect copyright years in the README & module files,  "2014" instead of the
     "2014-2016" that it looks like it should be:
  - Found a couple of minor spelling errors in the module file, and for which I created a
    patch:  https://github.com/ledgersmb/PGObject-Util-DBAdmin/issues/9
Note also that I could put a preliminary version of the pkg up on apt.ledgersmb.org if it might be a bit before these issues can be addressed...

The git packaging repo for it can be found at:

Robert James Clay

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