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Re: Role blues

Hi Erik

Ok. Can you add a  short description of the use-case to support creating it in an existing database? Maybe we want to support it out of the box,  but currently there's a bit of tweaking required to get things working and operational.

OK, then. I want to create some links to the products from an existing CMS. E.g. products and inventory. Even customers, I think. But it's OK, it might be an item to consider, but it's not high-priority to me.

 It's an error that comes from Roles.sql. There is a step you need to execute when moving a schema from one database to another, which you didn't know about:

INSERT INTO defaults VALUES ('role_prefix', 'lsmb_<name-of-your-old-databas>__');

Hm, sneaky :-) But alas it didn't work. I don't know what hole I've fallen into, but obviously it's deeper than that :-)

So I decided to try from fresh, backup and drop the database, remove alle lsmb_<database> roles, install ledgersmb into a new database and recreate my CMS db schema.

So now I can create users again. But! I still get some (to me) random permission problems. I will report them when I can describe them.

pg_dumpall: query failed: ERROR: permission denied for relation
pg_authid at

Hmm. that seems to be another problem; I'll need to look at that one later. However, you're not likely to encounter this problem when you have the INSERT statement executed as listed above, so I'm going to mark it as non-blocking for now.

Definitely non-blocking. But perhaps I can describe the problem closer when I get the time to try again.

Yea. Good you did, because chances are slim that you would have found out about the role_prefix any time soon.

Thanks for your help. Really appreciate that.

PS I encountered another error, but I think it best to make a new thread about it.

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