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Role blues


Still testing 1.5 beta6. I don't know if I'm alone in having the role 
blues. First off, I tried to install LedgerSMB into an existing database 
with no success (I forgot to register the actual error message). Then I 
tried to install into a new database, dump it and reload into the one I 
want to use. I managed to add a user, which works also in the new database.

In all cases I use the lsmb_dbadmin user created as per the documentation.

But now I want to add more users. And then I get this error


ERROR: Access Denied for class
CONTEXT: SQL statement "INSERT INTO entity (name, entity_class, country_id)
values (in_first_name || ' ' || in_last_name, 3, in_country_id)"
PL/pgSQL function 
person__save(integer,integer,text,text,text,integer,date,text) line 20 
at SQL statement:
FROM "public"."person__save"(?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) at 
line 361.

and I have now idea where 'class' is coming from. OK, then I thought 
that I had messed up the roles somehow, when I dumped and reloaded the 
database. So I wanted to dump the roles from the original database. Just 
to see in the browser, and I get this error:

pg_dumpall: query failed: ERROR: permission denied for relation 
pg_authid at 
line 356.

The log says:

ERROR:  permission denied for relation pg_authid
STATEMENT:  SELECT oid, rolname, rolsuper, rolinherit, rolcreaterole, 
rolcreatedb, rolcanlogin, rolconnlimit, rolpassword, rolvaliduntil, 
rolreplication, rolbypassrls, pg_catalog.shobj_description(oid, 
'pg_authid') as rolcomment, rolname = current_user AS is_current_user 
FROM pg_authid ORDER BY 2

But current_user should be lsmb_dbadmin. I can log in as that user and 
perform that same query w/o problems.

Before I use a lot of the time I don't have to hunt this down, I thought 
I'd discuss it here. Perhaps I'm doing something very simple wrong.


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