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Re: LedgerSMB 1.5.0-beta*6* released (was: LedgerSMB 1.5.0-beta5 released)

Hi Kaare,

On Sat, May 28, 2016 at 1:15 PM, Kaare Rasmussen <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi again

Finally had a moment to test install 1.5.0-beta6. This is a rather nitpicky report, but hey, I might as well. You can always skip if you think it's too obvious.

Thanks for your review. Nitpicky is completely fine with me, appreciated even!
Following http://ledgersmb.org/topic/installing-ledgersmb-15 I'm not sure why the PDF and Postscript output contains some cpan commands. Seems they don't work, and cpanm should be used instead.

Yes. You're completely correct. However, the document also shows how quickly documentation gets outdated: I've just rewritten the entire section as 'beta6' allows a much easier configuration recipe. Please check the section http://ledgersmb.org/topic/installing-ledgersmb-15#modules-cpan now and see what you think about it.
Also, this is of course very obvious, but installing latex modules would require having latex itself on the system. Don't know if it's worth mentioning, but when you follow a recipe, you kinda switch off your brain, at least partially. On my opensuse system, it wasn't installed by default. The package is called texlive-latex there.

Good point. I've added a note about this.
Is it really good practice to

Verify access configuration (run as root)


Hmm. Agreed. I've listed the 'sudo' instructions as well, providing the root-based instructions as fallback.
I can't find instructions for just starting starman.

The instructions "just" to start Starman are in the Quickstart guide. The document you've been following is directed at setting up a production level system. However, from your comment, I think I understand that the document should refer to the Quickstart guide at https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB#quick-start
There's a section telling how to install starman as a service, but it seems to start it at port 5055, and the later instructions still point to 5000.

ok. Thanks for pointing out this inconsequence. We've settled on a different port, but I've changed the numbers throughout the documentation (I hope) and the example configuration scripts.
Perhaps I'm just not seeing the place where it's written, but I think for first-time testing this can still do:

starman --preload-app tools/starman.psgi

OK, installation successful, Then trying


Won't login with the lsmb_dbadmin user that was created with the command copied from the installation doc. The pg logs revealed that it rejected access to the postgres user according to this line in pg_hba.conf:

host    postgres,template0,template1   all         ::1/128       reject

The actual message reads

postgres lsmb_dbadmin FATAL:  pg_hba.conf rejects connection for host "::1", user "lsmb_dbadmin", database "postgres", SSL off

Anyway, logging in after disabling that line, where I get the choice to create the database.

Ah. Thanks for pointing out the omission! I corrected the instructions in README.md when I found out about that, but apparently I forgot to do so for the production installation instructions on the site. Fixed.
Great, but it tells me

Logged in as [_1]

I guess [_1] ought to have been the username?

Yup. I know about the problem, but haven't taken the time to look at it yet (I've seen it too often to bother, I guess). I'll fix it now that you point it out. It looks like it's quite confusing.
Then, when trying to import myself as a user, I get this error:

ERROR: must be superuser to alter superusers
CONTEXT: SQL statement "ALTER USER <xxx> WITH ENCRYPTED PASSWORD <yyy> valid until <zzz>"
PL/pgSQL function admin__save_user(integer,integer,text,text,boolean) line 25 at EXECUTE statement:
FROM "public"."admin__save_user"(?, ?, ?, ?, ?) at /home/kaare/perl5/perlbrew/perls/perl-5.22.2/lib/site_perl/5.22.2/PGObject.pm line 361.

No matter which superuser I try to use, lsmb_dbadmin, or postgres.

Which user did you create the database with? lsmb_dbadmin, as the recipe describes? Or another user? If so, could it be that the user you're creating the database with, is itself not a super user? That would explain this error. In general you don't want to import a superuser as an application user, because it's impossible to enforce roles for superusers. I think we should document that in the installation doc.
I can create a normal user (one I don't try to import).

Finally, Im trying


Entering a few customers and parts. My time is up for today,

Great! Thanks for your feedback again!
but I have to figure out how to connect parts* and add storage and inventory. That's for another day.

* Two usage patterns;
- Buy any 3 of these items for 10.-
- If you buy this item, you have to add these x items




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