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Sysconfig reorg

Hi David,

Here's my initial commit on what I'd do for a Sysconfig reorg: https://github.com/ehuelsmann/LedgerSMB/commit/e6c3a48a933fc178ef3c0e06284edeb6adba9dad

Note that it's far from done, but shows the Moo(se) like declarative syntax. It declares a variable+accessor name per 'def' line. It also specifies a default value, config section and config key and documentation.

The nice thing about it is the functional interface: no need to check if a section/value combination has been specified when requesting a value. Simply use the function name to access the value and if the function doesn't exist, then for sure it's a typo.

If you need help finding your way around the code, or what it does, let me know and we'll run it down.



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