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Extracting artifacts out of our Travis builds to help debug failures / SauceLabs still needed?


Last week, I was discussing with John how I have a local plugin for our BDD tests which generates screenshots pre- and post-step on *every* step in the BDD tests.
We were talking how it would be easy to have those screenshots extracted from our Travis builds; possibly to use them as input on next builds as well (to assure screen output stability).

The problem I raised was that we don't have online storage for the project (S3 is integrated with Travis, but the S3 free plan goes only for a year and only 2k PUT requests). So John said he might be able to sponsor this facility for the project. If I took him up on that, we should have a plan on what we want to extract from our builds (and possibly how long to retain it).

I'm currently thinking we want to extract the screenshots only. Do we have anything else that makes sense?

As soon as we have the extraction of screenshots from our builders, does it still make sense to have SauceLabs testing? I mean, that's basically the service they offer, right?



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