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Moving Travis CI builds to GCE (from Docker containers)


Over the past weeks, I've had trouble with Travis CI builders failing randomly. When I added a step to build Dojo (instead of using what's in the tree, so I can start to delete the in-tree bit), that aggrevated the failures (from 1 to two failing builders to 5 out of 7 builders failing).

I found a similar issue on GitHub and added my comments. Travis CI support suggested using GCE infrastructure (https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-ci/issues/3251#issuecomment-219675294). That seems to work. So, I've now required sudo, just to make sure we're on GCE (no sudo really required).

On GCE, the startup time for our builders has increased. However, it seems like the build-time for Dojo isn't 3 minutes, but just 90s, so we're gaining some time as well. All in all, the builds take longer, but we also do more.




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