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Re: Changing how LedgerSMB is run and it's installation is secured


> At the moment running under Apache prevents print to pdf/screen (it
> fails with errors), while running under starman works

Is this something different with 1.5?

I have two 1.4.26 installations using apache. One running as old-school
cgi, the other using apache as a proxy in front of Starman, using a very
similar configuration to that being proposed. I am using Print to
PDF/Screen for invoicing under both configurations.

I would add my vote for fixing such a bug in 1.5 if it exists.

Also we have no trouble printing to screen (to my knowledge) at Efficito on 1.3 and 1.4

True, at Efficito we don't.

Well, the problem isn't directly in our code base; it's in LaTeX::Driver, which switched from using pdflatex to using xelatex in 2014. The driver leaks the output of xelatex's process from STDOUT into the CGI output. With Efficito we don't suffer this, because we use an older version of LaTeX::Driver. And on Travis we'll never know because we don't run in CGI mode (instead we run in PSGI-with-reverse-proxy mode).



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