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LWP tests not running on Travis? (And other test questions)

Hi all,

In our repository, there's a set of tests by the name of LWP tests. Currently, these tests aren't running on Travis. Presumably they're not enabled because we didn't have a server to test against.

Now that I have implemented browser-based tests (the so-called "BDD tests"), we have all the infrastructure running to run the LWP tests too.

Should we start running the LWP tests on Travis?
If so, what do they bring us?

Along the same lines (of considering which tests we're running), we have these tests:

 * 65-sauce.t
 * 65-phantom.t
 * 66-cucumber.t

The 65-phantom.t tests can be removed, I think: they're simply a duplicate of the 65-sauce.t tests which allowed me to experiment with running tests on PhantomJS.

However, I'm wondering about the "sauce" tests and the "cucumber" tests: these are testing support infrastructure names rather than testing techniques or test sets. I'm thinking that the current set of "cucumber" tests should be renamed to "browser-bdd" (or something like it).

Even more, I'm thinking "Sauce" (or more completely: "SauceLabs") could be a target for the "browser-bdd" tests to run on, much like they currently run on "PhantomJS".

Should PhantomJS and SauceLabs be configurable targets of the "browser-bdd" tests?
And if we do, should we run both sets of tests on Travis (on very run)?




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