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Re: Test suite configuration

Hi Erik,

As Yoda would say,
Done well you have.

One thing that stands out for me, test 63-lwp.t runs on the DB
Can I suggest we have a check in the test that it is running against a
*very* specifically named database.
If it's not running against that DB then error out loudly.

I haven't dug into that test yet, so some sort of protection may already
be there, if so, we should update the document to say so.

During development I am regularly running the tests here although not on
a production system, but playing safe with destructive tests is probably
good practice, if we don't someone will eventually blow their database
away by mistake.

Other responses inline....

On 13/01/16 06:15, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
> Hi all,
> In an attempt to document our test suite better (of course in
> preparation of soliciting contributions :-) ), I've created what is
> now at
> https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/tree/master/t#test-file-number-allocation
> As you can see on that page, we have quite a number of parameters to
> be configured. To make matters worse, I've just introduced a
> requirement for even more configuration: on my master-bdd-basics I'm
> now able to run 2 BDD scenarios.
> While our current approach (environment variables) works for small
> numbers (short-valued) of configuration parameters, the more complex
> our test suite grows, the more likely we are to need more
> configuration parameters. Also, currently we depend mostly on
> Travis-CI to run our tests for us (or at least, I do), but I want more
> tests running locally, which also means that I want my local
> configuration stored somewhere. Preferably somewhere so I don't have
> to configure every local repository separately.
> Am I seeing problems that are not there? Or should we make it easy to
> run tests locally by storing config parameters in a config file
> instead of/next to reading the environment?
I think you are on the right track. in almost all cases the tests can be
run on any system with the same config, excepting things like Usernames
and Passwords.

As you are aware I am working on a revamp of our existing Sysconfig.pm
(handles sane defaults and reading config values from ledgersmb.conf).
One of the changes to this will allow it to be used with any config file
rather than a hard coded ledgersmb.conf.
I was intending to allow 2 methods of setting the config file, An
Environment variable (easiest within a normal deployment) and as a
script commandline param (good for direct testing of the script)

Once this is implemented it should be trivial to use the same
Sysconfig.pm for the test scripts as the LedgerSMB instance will run
with during the tests.
The config file would just need to be set in the Environment Variable first.

It should be possible to set 2 config files at the same time, and load
values from them in order.
This would allow the "standard" test config to be loaded, then
overridden by a site local config that only sets values that need to be
changed like usernames etc
> -- 
> Bye,
> Erik.
David G

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