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Test suite configuration

Hi all,

In an attempt to document our test suite better (of course in preparation of soliciting contributions :-) ), I've created what is now at https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/tree/master/t#test-file-number-allocation

As you can see on that page, we have quite a number of parameters to be configured. To make matters worse, I've just introduced a requirement for even more configuration: on my master-bdd-basics I'm now able to run 2 BDD scenarios.

While our current approach (environment variables) works for small numbers (short-valued) of configuration parameters, the more complex our test suite grows, the more likely we are to need more configuration parameters. Also, currently we depend mostly on Travis-CI to run our tests for us (or at least, I do), but I want more tests running locally, which also means that I want my local configuration stored somewhere. Preferably somewhere so I don't have to configure every local repository separately.

Am I seeing problems that are not there? Or should we make it easy to run tests locally by storing config parameters in a config file instead of/next to reading the environment?



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