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A version 1.3.47?

On Sunday, November 22, 2015 11:43:11 AM Robert James Clay wrote:
> On Sunday, November 22, 2015 08:32:50 AM Chris Travers wrote:
> > Wonderng if we should release a 1.3.47 with all current fixes as the
> > likely final 1.3 release?

    Is that something likely to happen soon?  I ask because I'm testing a new 
v1.3.46-2 package (which closes two bugs, one in Debian & one in Ubuntu) that 
I'd like to get uploaded soon (in the next week or so).  But if there's going 
to be a v1.3.47 out soonish, I'd rather wait for that...  (So that it can be 
the last v1.3.x version upload before getting the v1.4.x packages uploaded.)

As a reminder, there is only one real route into Debian;  packages are 
uploaded to Debian Unstable, which then transition over to Debian Testing (and 
also to Ubuntu). Once in Testing (and not until then), they can then be 
backported for Debian v7 (wheezy) or Debian v8 (jessie).  And once v1.4.x 
packages are uploaded, can't really get v1.3.x packages in anymore (at least, 
not using the 'ledgersmb' package name), and I'd like to get a final v1.3.x 
version at least to wheezy-backports before that...

RJ Clay

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