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Re: New branch: master-mc [a forward-port of 1.4-mc]

Hi John,

[ Snip ]
> Question: currently, the 1.4-mc and master-mc branches reside in my
> repository only. Do we want to move these to the main repository?
> [I've tried creating a new "LedgerSMB-mc" repository within LedgerSMB
> org in order to be able to run branches by the same names, but
> creating a second repo within the same org turns out to be impossible.]

I don't see why not... that's what branches are for!
Is it drastic enough of a change to not work towards merging into
1.4/1.5 branches sooner than 1.6?

Yes: it touches quite a bit of old code and quite a few queries in our stored procedures. I'd feel much better if this code were run on a master/1.6-dev branch for a while. Also, that provides me the opportunity to develop the (currently missing) revaluation of balance accounts.




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