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Development progress 1.4 && 1.5: account translations, heading trees, multi currency, and more...

Hi all,

With my recent mails sent to this list about sorting out my thoughts, I'll hereby send an overview of the current development status.

Summarizing, these were the topics under development:

* Account translations
* Account heading trees in the reports
* 1.5.0 release, meaning resolving blocking 1.5 tickets
* Full multi currency support

Last week, 1.4.16-rc1 was released with account translations functionality in it. The functionality was also incorporated in what will later become 1.5.0. This week the final 1.4.16 release will be released.

After the release of 1.4.16, the "account heading trees in reports" functionality can be merged to the 1.4 branch, in order to become 1.4.17. It's already in what will become 1.5.0. This is a complete rewrite of the P&L and B/S reports. Other functionalities and fixes will be kept to a minimum to keep increments small.

As far as 1.5.0 is concerned, blocking issues are resolved one by one. A beta1 release feels like it's coming closer. We currently have 5 blocking open issues (but 10 already resolved, of which 3 in the past few days). The blocking issues that have been resolved were all usability issues. Of the remaining issues, there's only 1 UI issue and 3 hard-core technical issues.

With respect to full multi-currency: I'm working to set up a demo system so anybody interested can have a look and provide feedback. This work is currently strictly based on the 1.4 branch. I'll be working in the coming weeks to port the work to a parallel branch to 1.5. I'm planning to let the multi currency work land on master as soon as 1.5 releases: IMO the change is too big to risk destabilizing master and thereby delay 1.5. The multi currency functionality doesn't yet provide currency revaluation of the balance. This aspect is still under development and won't be part of the public demo (yet) when I get that up and running.

Kindest regards,



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