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Re: Of account translations, account hierarchies and gifi codes

Hi Rob,

> I have put a little work into this problem.  This idea is:
> You want differing reports for various purposes:  a summary
> for the owner, details for the auditor, and things between
> for others.
> You, the user, create a report.  You create associated "headings"
> with whatever you want in them.  The headings tell whether the details
> are displayed, the indent level, contra-ness, debit/credit, and
> headers/trailers.  A process generates the report.
> Current headings would be untouched.  This would not alter any
> existing tables or processes other than hooks to choose which.
> This could also be used instead of GIFI accounts for reports.
> If GIFIs are needed in other contexts, that would not help.
> If you would like to see some schema, let me know.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Chris and I contemplated this solution some time ago. From a technical persective, allowing multiple hierarchies is a great solution to generalizing GIFI for any purpose you can imagine and probably more.

One thing that I was affraid of - and hopefully you and others can comment on it - is that users currently recognise 'gifi' very easily. Would you think users could have a problem with that in the future if we were to remove explicit support for gifi, supporting it as a second hierarchy?

> > that we don't have a way to tell which heading "is" the PNL total. As such,
> > additional configuration will be required when it lands in a release.
> Change in Retained Earnings account?  PNL Total?  Not sure what you mean
> here.

My point is that if a hierarchy encompasses all accounts, one can't tell the PNL and the balance sheet apart anymore, if there's nothing to mark the hierarchy node which is the parent of all PNL accounts.



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