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Compilation of our modules: resulting questions


As a result from some package trickery that was employed in the LedgerSMB::CP, LedgerSMB::Num2text and LedgerSMB::DBObject::Payment objects, which made Starman fail, I decided to see if our packages compile cleanly.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the case, so that I now have created a largish pull request (in terms of time invested): https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/pull/737 . This PR removes all the semantic errors which made compilation fail. However, there were 4 classes/modules plainly missing:

 * LedgerSMB/ScriptLib/Company.pm (referenced from LedgerSMB/ScriptLib/Company_Colombia.pm)
 * LedgerSMB/DBObject/Customer.pm (referenced from LedgerSMB/ScriptLib/Common_Search/Customer.pm)
 * LedgerSMB/Payroll.pm (referenced from LedgerSMB/Report/Payroll/Deduction_Types.pm)
 * LedgerSMB/X12/Parser.pm (referenced from LedgerSMB/X12.pm)

Company.pm I simply created as an empty child of Common_Search.pm.

However, for the others I don't know what it's supposed to contain...



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