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Currency rate table modifications

Hi all,

Working on implementing multi-currency support, I'm implementing an interface to explicitly enter and list the rates in the system.

Now, I'm wondering if you have an opinion on the following:

 - Do we want to have a 'draft' status for uploaded rates (so they can be confirmed by a second pair of eyes later)?
 - Do we want an audit trail on the rates table like we do on some other tables?
 - Do we want rates to be editable/deletable once they have been promoted from 'draft' to 'final' status? (Or, if we don't have draft status, do we want them to be editable/deletable at all?)

Since rates are now embedded to the transactions, editing rates has become an option (in the past it wasn't because transactions referenced rates in the rates table). If we want to offer the possibility should be carefully considered, though, I think.





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