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Fundraising: Multi-currency support in LedgerSMB: from after-thought to core feature

Hi all,

Efficito has a customer who needs full multi currency support. Efficito has estimated the required effort at 12000 EUR. We (Efficito) want to commit to sponsoring 50% of the cost (6000 EUR). The customer can't vouch for more than 2000 EUR which leaves us with 4000 EUR left unsponsored.

In order to get the change done, I've created a fundraising at https://www.bountysource.com/teams/ledgersmb/fundraisers/701-multi-currency-from-after-thought-to-core-feature.

When the change is completed, the following functionalities will be available:

 - Multiple rates per currency per day
 - Advisory currency rates: one rate per currency for a specified period (minimum: one day)
 - Data entry screen for maintenance of advisory rates
 - Multiple currencies per GL transaction

In addition to the above, the following changes need to be implemented for the rewrite to work:

 - Adjusting currency handling in
   * AR/AP entry
   * GL entry
   * Payment entry (both single-payment and bulk payment)
 - Changes to the System Defaults screen (for selection of the default currency)
 - Changes to the database schema and stored procedures (business logic)
 - Writing a migration script from the existing migration

It's our hope that enough people donate a smallish mount to make this change happen -- although bigger donations are highly appreciated of course.

Thanks in advance to everybody who will put up their donation! Everybody who isn't in a position to donate in a monetary sense: no problem, please report your findings with the software on one of the mailing lists or in the SourceForge bugtracker. Taking the time to report is a valuable donation as well!

Kindest regards,



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