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Re: Attracting more attention to the LedgerSMB project: chicken and egg

Hi again,

Off topic a bit, but OpenBSD has removed Apache from base and its
built-in webserver is "in flux" for now. Apache 1 and Apache 2 are
available as packages. I finally got up to upgrading the server, OpenBSD
made a lot of major changes!

On topic:

I got stuck with only intermittent internet for a long time, so I haven't done
any updates to forums.ledgersmb.org site.

Right now, the mailing lists are posted, but cannot be posted to and
then an email sent to the list.  Many people are wanting that. Some
people just don't want to actually join any of the mailing lists. I am
on quite a few, which means a few hundred emails a day.
Some have questions, but want to remain anonymous.

I would have to write the software to make that possible.
Would that be a good idea? There are also other boards that work like a
regular forum board, those posts could also be sent to a list, probably

If you like that idea, I can get started on it.
How should I send the emails?
Registered users might be OK with using their email address or maybe
not. What about anonymous posts? Assuming that I allow those to get to
mailing list.

Chris Bennett

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