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contrib/nginx-fcgirwrap for v1.4 ?


I've been testing (on Debian 8) the nginx-fcgirwrap configuration for LedgerSMB 
v1.3 that was added to contrib back in January of 2014.  It's seems to be 
working well, so I've been investigating what patches are needed for it to 
make it more usable for the Debian package.  That looks to be mostly the path 
for the LedgerSMB  installation that needs to be updated ('root' &  
'fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME'  parameters); the server_name parameter needs 
changing as well (I did, for the installation I have working). but not 
necessarily automatically.

I went to see what if any differences there were with it in for v1.4 but 
couldn't find  the directory for it;  I found the commit where it was added but 
it seems to have disappeared several commits later.  And I couldn't find it in 
the 'master' branch at all.  Did it just get moved and I couldn't find it in 
it's new location?

RJ Clay

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