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LSMB DB admin user password

On Tuesday, April 07, 2015 04:41:40 PM Robert James Clay wrote:
> - Since I've found that the 'postgresl' user isn't usable for LSMB on Debian
> because of how it's set up, I added another user for this 1.4 install, 

  That has been an issue with the Debian packaging as well, where I have it 
defaulting to using a different role name (the same as the package name) for  
the Database Administrator to use on the setup.pl page. I had already had the
package install getting a password for that user during the install if it was 
selected to set that up but actually setting the password for the role in 
postgresql had not been working.  

  What I came up with to use instead of how it has being done before is a bash 
script that uses a HERE document to send an anonymous code block to psql that 
creates or alters a role and sets its password depending on whether or not it 
already exists, with the name for the role and password for it being passed as 
parameters to the script.

The script (currently named 'config-lsmb-db-user.sh') has been added for use 
in the Debian package as of the 1.3.46-1 version and will be added for the 
1.4.x series packages as well. I'm having it installed into the LedgerSMB 
'tools' directory;  I'm wondering if it's more generally useful and should be 
added into LedgerSMB (and/or App-LedgerSMB-Admin and/or App-LedgerSMB-Admin-
Web) itself?

RJ Clay

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