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Trouble on Perl 5.18.4 on Fedora, running Plack


I am at this point giving up running LedgerSMB via Plack on Fedora.  Last night I set up LedgerSMB on a Debian virtualbox image I have.   I am not sure what the problem is but I see a lot of issues and they go deep.

I have frankly not been very impressed with Fedora's Perl support.  I have tried to work around them for a while but this frustration has been growing for a while (Fedora makes it remarkably difficult to install modules from CPAN and have them work for example).

The issues I am seeing appear to relate to Starman not handling sockets correctly, and processes therefore tripping over eachother.  This causes deep recursion in printing errors and it makes binmode unusable for cgiscript processes.  These issues do not happen on other platforms.

When I have a little time I expect to investigate Perlbrew on Fedroa as an alternative.  But I think we should consider stock Perl on Fedora to be unsupported at present.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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