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Re: 1.4 TABLE audittrail field person_id references person(entity_id)

> > Should field person_id in  audittrail not reference
> > person(id)
> > instead of
> > person(entity_id)
> >
> > If different persons of same entity change things, you only see
> > entity.id , not person.id.
> > You cannot tell which person changed things.

> Yup. That's probably a bug indeed. Feel free to go ahead and change it.

Okay, I am officially confused.  What is the business logic underneath

By my reading of 1.4.9 table person and table entity, there can be only 
one person per entity:

  id serial UNIQUE,
  -- elided
  PRIMARY KEY(control_code, entity_class));

    id serial PRIMARY KEY,
    entity_id integer references entity(id) not null,
    -- elided
    unique(entity_id) -- needed due to entity_employee assumptions --CT

I was under the impression that an entity represented a "party", that is 
something/someone that _may_ be a party to a contract.  This implies a 
one-to-one constraint between a person and her entity (ie: self). 

Looking around for more clarity, I find:

CREATE TABLE company (
  id serial UNIQUE,
  entity_id integer not null references entity(id),
  legal_name text check (legal_name ~ '[[:alnum:]_]'),
  tax_id text,
  sales_tax_id text,
  license_number text,
  sic_code varchar,
  created date default current_date not null,
  PRIMARY KEY (entity_id,legal_name)

Which seems to allow many misspelled companies to link to the same entity.
Is that what is intended?  


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