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Export - Import upgrade 1.3.43 1.4.1

Ok, I'll gird my loins and give it a go.

As for writing it yourself, I don't think it would be too difficult.  There are some important questions to ask before going into it though: 1. Do you have inventory?  If so, how do you want to value the inventory for import purposes?  For example you could export/import each item at current value.  You could import current onhand at current average cost, etc.

We have inventory in the form of used and rare books. Each book is unique and cost will be the original purchase price, which can be $0.

2.  Besides inventory, customers, vendors, parts, and balances, what else do you need to import?


2014 transactions

vendors with transactions since 2010-01-01
customers with transactions since 2010-01-01

Re-enter, re-create:

COA to get rid of accounts unused in the last few years.

Sales taxes (Colorado is always messy)

I think that would do it.

I would be happy to provide a basic overview of how I would go about such a process on the -devel list.   Chances are the tools used are likely to be SQL, the PostgreSQL COPY statement, a spreadsheet of your choice, and pg_dump.  I think for the most part, it is likely to be relatively easy.

I suspect, as is often the case, the hard part will be making up my mind.

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