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Restructuring and expanding financial rewrite stages

Hi all;

It looks like I need additional material to be included in the rewrite.  I expect to do some of these stages in other feature branches so that this rewrite doesn't become all or nothing.  Current plan:

1.  Chart of Accounts Changes
    - Support categorizing for statement of cash flows
    - Support flagging as floated in a specified foreign currency
    - This phase would be only for the sections adding/editing accounts

2.  Journal and Ledger
    - Refactored design for better payments performance
    - Adding statement of cash flows
    - Spec and requirements under discussion

3.  AR/AP Transactions (Invoices without Inventory
    -  To be discussed

4.  Parts, Assemblies and Manufacturing
    - I want to add assembly modifiers
    - Minor development on mfg workflows
    - I want to add bundles/kits
    - To be discussed

5.  ARAP invoices with inventory
    - To be discussed

6.  Payments
    - To be discussed

7.  Reconciliation
    - To be discussed

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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