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Re: Proposal for 1.5: Move LedgerSMB to Dancer

Hi Chris,

There has been some discussion in the past I have had with folks about moving LedgerSMB to Catalyst.

Ok. I can't remember I was around when this discussion may have happened. Possibly the same applies to others. Are there any records on the web that you can refer us to? If not, what are the assumed benefits for such a switch?
 The concern I have is that as Catalyst is a fairly large framework it isn't clear how much we'd be using very light aspects of the framework and how much dependency overhead we'd have.

I am going to propose dancer instead, as it is a light-weight framework for HTTP-based web apps (for those familiar with Python, Flask was inspired by it).

This is still likely to be a significant change but I think it is manageable.

This sounds harsh, but isn't intended as such, but: what's the rush? I mean: any switch is likely to be much easier when we get rid of the old code. If we make 1.5 be the release where we achieve that goal, isn't 1.5 big enough? Then, for 1.6, we can switch frameworks if we want or need to. One thing that I do find important though is that releases have clearly visible *user* benefits as well as technical improvements. Nobody in his right mind is going to switch accounting systems for the sake and sanity of the developers of such a system :-)



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