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significant issue found in 1.4.0 RC1 regarding assemblies

Hi everyone;

For those using 1.4, I have found a rather significant issue regarding assemblies and COGS.  Due to the COGS changes in 1.4, assemblies don't appear to be tracked at all.  We will be delaying 1.4 rc2 to address this problem.

This is a rather significant issue and the changes to COGS in 1.4 have been relatively deep, so I think the best way to go forward is not to go half-way and to actually reconsider how COGS is handled for assemblies.

My proposal for a fix is to add inventory and account links to assemblies (right now only income accounts are linked) and then when assemblies are stocked we handle COGS by moving funds to the account specified, and then when assemblies are sold we move again to expenses.

This would mean that longer-range we could address more detailed handling of COGS in assemblies including allocating scrapped parts to manufacturing lots and the like.

I was hoping to have a fix for now, but this is taking longer than expected.  Within a few days I will have a fix.  Anyone using 1.4 in beta with this functionality can feel free to discuss appropriate solutions to these issues on the mailing list.

Any feedback on the proposed fix?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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