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Can different versions co-exist on the same system?

On 04/27/2014 04:36 AM, Chris Travers wrote:
> There are some other bugs as well, but I trust the numbers pretty well 
> on 1.4.
> As soon as I get the statement printing issue solved, I think we can 
> move to rc's

    Speaking of which; can different versions of LedgerSMB co-exist on 
the system?  Or, perhaps more specifically: at least on the same 
Postgresql server?  If not by default, then with some some adjustments?

    One thing that brings this question up for me are the Debian 
packages.  I, of course, plan to continue to support LSMB v1.3 for 
Debian v7 ('wheezy').  (Perhaps also Debian v8, 'jessie', depending...) 
   That means continuing to get new versions uploaded to unstable, 
having them transition to testing, then getting them backported.

    With v1.4 getting closer, need to think about the packaging for that 
version.  First thing is, v1.3 and v1.4 packages need to be in the same 
package repository at the same time.  That can be taken care of by 
including the major and minor version in the package name;  currently 
I'm inclined to use something like ledgersmb-1.3 and ledgersmb-1.4 (and 
ledgersmb-1.2;  I still would like to create an updated package for that 

    But another thing is, can they then be installed on the same 
system?  Or are the different minor versions (or any version?) mutually 
exclusive?  Because if so, I'll need to set them up so that the packages 

    There was also an idea I had a while back about having different 
versions installed such that one could be able to test new versions in 
parallel with current working versions, without having to export the 
databases to a different system.

RJ Clay

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