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Re: 1.3.39-rc3 released

Hi Lyle,

On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 1:31 PM, Lyle <..hidden..> wrote:
  Here is another patch that includes a fix for the other error I was getting:

Thanks for the patch. I'm working on getting it into our tree, especially into trunk and 1.4, since we want to preserve this behaviour for people migrating 1.2->1.4 as well, of course.
--- setup_old.pl        2014-03-23 19:46:28.000000000 +0000
+++ setup_new.pl        2014-03-29 21:09:51.000000000 +0000
@@ -614,6 +614,12 @@
          edit => 'employeenumber',
         table => 'employee'},

+       {query => "SELECT * FROM employee WHERE name = ''",
+         name => $locale->text('No blank employee name'),
+         cols => ['employeenumber', 'login', 'name'],
+         edit => 'name',
+        table => 'employee'},

This is fine, except that the exact constraint you were running into is "name ~ '[[:alnum:]_]'::text", so I changed the condition above to "not name ~ '[[:alnum:]_]'::text" instead of name = ''.
        {query => 'SELECT * FROM employee
                    WHERE employeenumber IN
                          (SELECT employeenumber FROM employee
@@ -650,6 +656,16 @@

+    # Check to see if there is a heading, otherwise add a default --LH
+    my ( $count_heading ) = $request->{dbh}->selectrow_array(
+        "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM chart WHERE charttype = 'H'"
+    );
+    unless ( $count_heading ) {
+        $request->{dbh}->do(
+            "INSERT INTO chart (id,accno,description,charttype,category,link,gifi_accno,contra)
+            VALUES (1, '0000', 'Minimal heading', 'H', '', '', '', false)");
+    }

This one is a bit tougher. The condition you apply here is not entirely correct, because account_save() searches for the last heading with a number *before* the account number being inserted. This means that even if there are headings, but the first heading would be text-sorted after the first account number, the above condition would fail to resolve the issue. So, we'd need to insert the lowest-possible-ascii-sorted character as a heading. Or we'd have to simply err out and tell the user to "fix" their headings.

What would you do? I'm in doubt, because I'm not sure what the lowest ascii value is which can be inserted in the heading number/account number.

Thanks for your patches! Can you help improve on them?



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