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What's ahead for PGObject


First what we have right now:

1.  Type registry support so we can add registrations of our own db-interfacing types.  Type handlers currently exist for numbers, datetime fields, and json fields.  Handlers also work with arrays which they don't in our current codebase.

2.  Declarative method definition for stored-procedure-based methods, matching most of our common cases.

3.  Lazy attribute handling properly done.

4.  Running aggregates (i.e. run an aggregate over the ROWS UNBOUNDED PRECEDING window) when calling a stored procedure.

5.  Contextual returns, so $ref = $self->call_dbmethod(...) returns the first row in the set.

This is in addition to everything currently in the DBObject and DBObject_Moose modules.

So that's what we have, and it should be 

I don't know how much of this will get used for 1.5 but it may be really handy for 1.6 but here are the new features I am working on:

1.  Serializing and deserializing of arrays and composite types, allowing nesting of arrays in tuples to arbitrary depth.

2.  Composite types could then be serialized and passed into db calls as objects without the need for things like cross-indexed arrays and the like.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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