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Downtimeless upgrades

Hosting providers for LedgerSMB may appreciate the downtimeless upgrade structure in 1.3.38.  This allows one to tell LedgerSMB to temporarily stop checking database version numbers on requests.  The idea is that this gives you time to update the system without kicking users off.

This will be first available when upgrading to 1.3.39.

To do a downtimeless upgrade, do the following:

1.  select setting_set('ignore_version', '1');

if in a transaction, commit.

2.  Update the files.

3.  Run the setup.pl to update the dbs

4.  in psql: select setting_set('ignore_version', '0');

Verify both version settings and the ignore_version setting.

This is aimed at instances where everyone on a single instance is on the same version.  It is not intended to address cases where a company accesses dbs on the same db server across major versions.  Accidently logging into a db on another version has undefined consequences if you do more than log in.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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