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Re: What to do about accidental inclusion of Carp::Always

no harm done by requiring Carp::Always, i suppose

2014-01-26 Chris Travers <..hidden..>:
> Hi;
> In 1.4 I have removed hard dependencies on Data::Dumper but have not removed
> it from the list of requirements.  I am finding it seems relatively common
> that Carp::Always gets included by accident. At this point Data::Dumper and
> Carp::Always are mostly used for debugging.
> The question is what we want to do about it.  Do we want to say that these
> two widely available modules are now dependencies?  Or do we want to have
> release tests that ensure they are not included?
> From a support perspective, I am thinking having them as dependencies makes
> a lot of sense.  It makes it very easy to enable stack dumps for error
> messages and perhaps in 1.5 we could even do this as a configuration option.
> It also makes the code a bit more reliable in the sense that if something
> gets missed users don't get internal server errors.
> What do other folk think?
> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers
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> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers
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