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Proposed API in 1.4 (and would like to backport to 1.3)

This is a fairly simple set of API's that would be handled by a LedgerSMB::Request module (which we'd make Form.pm and LedgerSMB.pm inherit for now).  This would be for handling input declaratively.  The API would be as follows:

$request->required($att1, $att2, $att3....);

would raise an exception if any attribute was not provided,  This would allow us to more easily eliminate the low-knowledge errors provided to users like "required input not provided".

$request->required_series($start, $stop, $attr1, $att2, $att3)

This would generate names in the format of ${att1}_$start ..${att1}_$stop and require those.

The following would apply only to 1.4:

$request->number and $request->number_series with the same syntax above.

$request->date and $request->date_series with the same syntax above. 

What do people think?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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