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Managing exchange rates - in 1.3 and up


I found that, if I use more than one currencies, I can create offers/orders/invoices etc. in foreign currency when my customer/vendor has an account with that currency.

In this case I am able to set an exchange rate for a specific day. The simplest rule in here (Hungary) to use the MNB's daily exchange rate (MNB is similar to FED or other central bank, which controls the country policy or whatever).

As I do businessess in worldwide (vendors, customers sometimes in the EU and outside of EU), sometimes it happens, wrong exchange rate entered and needs to adjust it. Typical is, copy the value from somewhere else by Ctrl+C - Ctrl+V and the value format is wrong: like 221,38 become 22138 when it saved. It can happen and will happen.

An other example, in the same day I issue an invoice for USD and I entered the MNB's exchange rate, but I also receive for example some USD into my bank account, but the bank converts it in his exchange rate which different than MNB.

So, in SL (and the Hungarian modificaton of SL) it is possible to:

After all, my questions:

Regarding filling up automatically the exchange rate is possible with direct sql manipulation, using a script, for example every morning or whatever.

So, what is your experience/needs with exchange rates?