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1.3.36 rc1 released

Hi everyone;

I have put out 1.3.36-rc1 in part because of the significant amounts of code changes and one significant fix.  Please test this.  Although the changelog is short, the number of files affected are relatively long, and while I have been using it for some time on the tip of the branch, it would be helpful for others to at least kick the tires.

The release can be downloaded at https://sourceforge.net/projects/ledger-smb/files/Beta%20Releases/1.3.36-rc1/

The complete changelog is:

Changelog for 1.3.36
* Set default date for AP invoice creation to current date (Chris T)
* Removed "apply discount" from use overpayment screen (Chris T)
* Fixed tax checkbox problem when one tax id includes another (Chris T)
* Fixed update forgetting creditor (Nick P)
* Fixed invoices rounding and printing differently (Giovanni B)
* Deleted broken pricematrix check on existing rows in POS (Chris T)
* Fixing manually entered tax amounts ignored printing invoice (Chris T, 864)
* Fixing deleting gl draft via gl screen fails (Chris T, 871)
* Fixing receipts listing "to pay" for amount (Chris T, 892)
* Setting->get() now works with named keys (Chris T)
* nginx sample configurations (P. Istvan)

Chris T is Chris Travers
Nick P is Nick Prater
Giovanni B is Giovanni Biscuolo
P. Istvan is Pongracz Istvan

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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