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status of wxPOS and i18n discussion

Hi everyone;

I expect by early next week to have a version of wxPOS ready which can do the following things:

1.  enter, print, and post invoices.
2.  enter AP orders or invoices (configurable by a sysadmin).

Closing workflows will take just a little longer, and it will not yet support saving customer records, nor will it support receipt printers or pole displays just yet (my initial customer doesn't need those extras).  I have been refactoring the code to some extent as I go.  It's a useful project and we are in Andres's debt for the initial contribution.

There is one huge thing to discuss though and get ideas on, i18n.  Andres' original code does not include any internationalization, and while I can add text string translation easily enough, it isnt clear how the UI will have to evolve to longer strings.  Unlike a web interface, screen real estate is at a premium and careful management of this is important.

What I would like to suggest is that as soon as this project is done I work on getting string translation working on wxPOS and also start work on allowing a configurable choice of inherited user interface classes.

What do folks think here?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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