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LedgerSMB 1.3.35 released

LedgerSMB 1.3.35 has been released.  This release includes a fairly large number of relatively minor fixes, as well as the addition of invoice creation date tracking and a number of fixes for locale-specific requirements.  If you are having any issues with the bugs fixed, you should upgrade immediately.  

The complete changelog is below.

Changelog for 1.3.35
* Fixed uninitialized value warnings when cached template enabled (Chris T)
* Fixed error in logs about failed login during initial login (Chris T, 858)
* Updated gnome2 stylesheet (Pongracz I)
* Updated Hungarian translation (Pongracz I)
* Fixed is_zero error on inventory activity report (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 861, receipts saying "pay from" cash account (Chris T)
* Dropped not null requirement on zip/mail codes (Chris T, 863)
* Fixed on hold throwing http 500 errors (Chris T and Nick P, 872)
* Fixed on hold not available for ar/ap transactions (Chris T, 838)
* Fixed single payments screen confusing (Chris T, 856)
* Fixed confusing error on tax form reports (Chris T, 883)
* Fixed unable to edit quotation.tex (Chris T, 885)
* Silenced warnings in Num2Text (Chris T)
* Fixed blank weights sometimes making invoices unprintable (Chris T)
* Fixed some bugs with SL2.8 to LedgerSMB upgrades (Chris T)
* Fixed encoding errors after sending email (Chris T, 884)
* Fixed spurious 0's in incorrect fields (Chris T, 889)
* Copy to New no longer copies payments (Chris T)
* Fixed '0' invoice number on customer history summary (Chris T)
* Added 'created on' date to invoices (Pongracz I)
* Condensed income statement and balance sheet for readability (Erik H)
* Updated Hungarian Charts of Accounts (Pongracz I)

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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