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Re: Migrating data to LedgerSMB

I was thinking of doing a campaign on one of those 'fund a great idea
websites' to reverse engineer the .qbw format into a GPL Linux command
line tool like mdb-tables call it qbw-tables.
Then ledgersmb could call it as an export / import function.

It seems to have been reverse engineered for $510?

Inuit also offers a number of developer tools:

Cheers Turtle

> Hi Developers,
> I'd asked this question on the users list, but didn't get much of a
> response.  I'm hoping a developer will know the answer.
> Some businesses (in our area) who have been using Quickbooks for years
> expressed an interest in LedgerSMB.  Their reluctance is primarily in
> whether historical data can be preserved by migrating to LedgerSMB.  My
> question is how to migrate the data.  Migrating "list" data such as
> customer names & addresses, vendors and product information
> (description, price, quantity onhand, etc.) doesn't seem that
> difficult.  But, migrating transactional data such as invoices and
> purchase orders, since they affect accounts, seems more challenging.
> Has anyone migrated data from another accounting system?
> If so, can you describe which tables you populated?   Any
> recommendations or advice?
> Or, did you create a set of new, "historical" tables in the database,
> and migrated transactional to them instead?
> (Of course, that would necessitate adding a few screens to permit
> searching the new tables and displaying the results.)
> Thanks.
> Brian
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