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Migrating data to LedgerSMB

Hi Developers,

I'd asked this question on the users list, but didn't get much of a response.  I'm hoping a developer will know the answer.

Some businesses (in our area) who have been using Quickbooks for years expressed an interest in LedgerSMB.  Their reluctance is primarily in whether historical data can be preserved by migrating to LedgerSMB.  My question is how to migrate the data.  Migrating "list" data such as customer names & addresses, vendors and product information (description, price, quantity onhand, etc.) doesn't seem that difficult.  But, migrating transactional data such as invoices and purchase orders, since they affect accounts, seems more challenging.

Has anyone migrated data from another accounting system?
If so, can you describe which tables you populated?   Any recommendations or advice?
Or, did you create a set of new, "historical" tables in the database, and migrated transactional to them instead?
(Of course, that would necessitate adding a few screens to permit searching the new tables and displaying the results.)


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