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Getting Back to testing 1.4

Greetings all I am finally getting back to setting up a 1.4. test system
for step one of our BIG migration project.
I upgraded my svn today to 6104
I had set up a test database a few months ago and now I get the notorious
looping apache authorization box.
Ok I am fine with ditching my test database since nothing was in it.
Now setting up a new test system:
Now setup.pl is doing the same looping apache authorization box.
Under the apache auth box setup.pl says:

Database Management Console
Superuser Credentials
Database <input box>
and a login button

My understanding is that I put my postgres super user postgres in the auth
box and my postgres password. Then it should let me go on to
the input box which is the name of the new database?
At that point login button should create a dataset and let me log into a
Is this correct?

I posted my apache log here: